Classification Essay 

In a classification essay, you are required to organize things into certain categories and provide examples of objects that are appropriate to each category. For instance, if you decide to write about types of mobile phones, each of the paragraphs will be intended to define the qualities and characteristics of a separate type of mobile phones. If you liked this write-up and you would like to obtain a lot more data with regards to kindly go to our web site.

Classification criteria:

Before you start to write, it is important to think of the classification criteria. You should decide on specific properties you are going base your classification on. The criteria must be clear and understandable to everyone.


The introduction should be quite straightforward. It should include the thesis statement where you need to name that there are kinds of something according to their qualities or characteristics.

In the body paragraphs, you are expected to give definition to each type you named in the thesis statement. You can also outline the main similarities and differences of these kinds. Providing examples will enable your audience to understand your points in a better way.

Thus, if you face the challenge of choosing the appropriate topic for your classification essay, there are plenty of sample themes available in various sources of information, especially in the Internet. Although, there are a lot of classification topics, not all of them are interesting and enjoyable for students.

This article presents a wide list of classification essay topics that are most popular among modern students. We created this list in order to assist you to pick up a fascinating theme which will meet your basic requirements and will be an interesting method to create classifications and to study various types of things.

1. Kinds of books which make me curious.
2. The most crucial inventions which made our modern life.
3. The historical periods that have changed our life.
4. Political leaders I can trust to.
5. The type of songs I like the most.
6. The schools of my city.
7. The types of movies which take my breath away.
8. The brands I prefer.
9. Types of spiders that may cause harm to people.
10. Different types of trust.
11. The most alluring places I have been to.
12. My family members.
13. The most important TV shows.
14. The kinds of cars I want to have.
15. The places that have the biggest visitor rates.
16. The kinds of movies I wish to watch.
17. The most expensive restaurants of our city.
18. The largest companies of our country.
19. The most comfortable hotels I have visited.
20. Classification of genders.

When you have decided on appropriate topic, it is necessary to develop it in an appropriate way. Thus, search the internet for reliable sources of information which will provide you with great examples and supporting evidence. In this way you will ensure that your paper is interesting to the readers. Moreover, it is highly recommended to create a strong thesis statement which will reflect the main idea of the whole writing.

Conclusion is probably the most significant part of your paper. It is a well- known fact that conclusion summarizes the main points offered by a writer. In order to create an outstanding conclusion it is necessary to paraphrase the topic sentences and present the concluding part of your paper in a confident manner.

To conclude, the process of writing a classification essay is a very challenging task. Keep it in mind that a part of your success depends on the topic you have chosen. Another part depends on your personal skills and knowledge and their effective application. Thus, if you take into consideration the pieces of advice given in this article, it will be easier for you to gain recognition and success with your writing.